Marunda Urban Resilience in Action, Jakarta

Training on the serious gaming component of the urban resilience approach is to increase capacity and refresh understanding of local teams and staff to support the multi-stakeholders collaboration strategy developed by Resilient Jakarta (partner organisation) towards various Jakarta grand designs by using serious games as tools towards improved collaboration and planning.


The Marunda Urban Resilience in Action (MURIA) project, initiated by Cordaid and Karina Yogyakarta in August 2015 and continuing until now with funding from the Ford Foundation (Phase II until June 2019), has successfully established the MURIA multi-stakeholder platform in Marunda, North Jakarta, and provided development options for the urban poor. In the project, Cordaid’s Urban Resilience and Multi Stakeholder Approaches have been applied and implemented.

The MURIA multi-stakeholders platform was established to formulate a common agenda in developing Marunda and to enable the platform members to collaborate with other members or run their own program in strengthening urban resilience. Through Participatory Disaster Risk Appraisal (PDRA) with the communities, Participatory Urban Neighbourhood Appraisal (PUNA) with communities and other stakeholders and Participatory Research, various risks and challenges have been identified for which the MURIA Platform has created the space to discuss and develop smart solutions towards resilience and poverty reduction of the communities in Marunda.

In light of the closure of the project as well as the potential replication of the approaches used in the MURIA project towards other projects and partners, a refresher training on the serious gaming component of the urban resilience approach was delivered.

The local teams and their network including the Resilient Jakarta Team and MURIA Platform were trained in the principles of the multi stakeholder approach in order to feel confident at hosting the multi stakeholder workshops and using serious gaming tools.

The confidence of the local teams and its network (Resilient Jakarta and MURIA Platform) were left feeling confident in executing the urban resilience approach and have refreshed understanding of the relation between urban resilience and urban planning, urban development, environmental strategies, social cohesion, social harmony and peace; including the strategy and approach for involving the urban poor.