Developing Resilience Guidelines for stormwater, land-use and ecological infrastructure for the Northern Spatial Area eThekwini and developing a Resilient Framework for the Northern Spatial Area eThekwini

localise construction

Our challenge is to create and empower the community by localizing a minimum of 30% construction contract that has been awarded to Civils2000. There is an opportunity to develop local SMME’s through the process and leave them with new knowledge. The construction contract is a mechanism to achieve that. There is an expectation locally that 30% of the work will be allocated to local SMME’s. However their are very real capacity constraints of the local SMME’s to perform this.

The challenge has four components, that are all interconnected. 

  • Determining and agreeing the level of human development that will happen as part of the contract.
  • As a result of the agreed approach, configuring the packages for subcontracting. 
  • Agreeing on the process that needs to be followed to achieve the desired development outmodes, and putting in place accountability towards achieving this.
  • The expectations and perceptions that have been developed during the course of the project by the local business community with regards to access the 30%, are not align with those of SIDZ in terms of sustainability and productivity.
  • Agreement between the client, professional team and contractor about what the best approach is and what the objectives and key results are.

I supported the team to develop a vision and come to a set of agreements about what they wanted as outcomes. 

I worked with the client, business community, contractor and professional team to define what is possible in terms of opportunities for the local businesses to access and support the local business community to envision whats possible for them.